Yoga, Dance and Movement   |  Ages 5 to 10  |  $350  |  Sept - Jan

Let us help your child find their inner harmony! Join us on a journey of mind, body, and spirit as we engage with and explore emotional, physical and spiritual challenges. The class will incorporate yoga poses, breathing exercises, art, storytelling, dance and lots of other movements designed to get your child’s wiggles out. Beyond being a fun way to enhance physical strength, balance and coordination, our class is designed to help boost focus, concentration and self-esteem. One of our goals is to help the children learn how to self soothe through meditation and relaxation. Who knows, perhaps they will even bring a little ‘Zen’ home with them!

This class is taught by MLV’s very own resident art therapist and yoga instructor, Olivia Weber. Olivia has been a member of the MLV community since 2007.