The BOOK NOW SCHEDULER will open in a new page. You can click back here to understand how to fill out the fields.

Select the first class session (date) you would like to BOOK NOW (either list or calendar view).

You'll need to log-in or sign-up.

You'll be given a choice to book a SINGLE SESSION or a RECURRING SESSION.

For a SINGLE SESSION, make sure you select the proper date

All classes are WEEKLY and are available EVERY WEEK (known as "1 Week"), excluding holidays.

You may decide you want every other week (known as every "2 week"), etc.

For a recurring schedule, select an end date ENDS ON.

For a full 10 week schedule, select ENDS ON and type in 12/10/2018

You may also select how many classes you wish to sign-up for by selecting REPEATS and selecting TWICE or more, but only up to 8 classes. Full schedule is 10 classes.

Feel free to poke around, even if you're not ready to book.